If you live in Colleyville, TX, you’ve already chosen a great place to raise your family! Now all they need is a great pediatric dentist to set them up for life.

This is vitally important because oral health is about more than just looking great. The CDC reports that kids with oral health problems are more likely to miss school and receive lower grades than kids who don’t have these issues.

Thankfully, Colleyville has outstanding pediatric dentists. They’re ready to help your child through every stage of their development. Let’s explore ten advantages of your local Colleyville pediatric dentistry practice.

1. Specially Trained Dentists

Before dentists qualify as pedodontists, they have to complete extensive schooling. 

First, they qualify as regular dentists after four years of dental school. After that, they have two further years of training in pediatric dentistry. This trains them to treat all young people, from infants to adolescents.

They are also trained to treat children with special needs. They don’t see children as mini-adults. They know their particular dental needs and are able to diagnose and treat any issues your child may encounter as they grow up.

2. Convenience Equals Consistency

One of the main benefits of choosing a great Colleyville pediatric dentistry practice is convenience.

We know that parents are seriously busy people! You’re juggling raising kids with work and other commitments. Choosing a pediatric dentist who is close to where you live or work is a smart move.

Kids should see their dentist every six months. You’re much more likely to be able to stick to that schedule by choosing a local pediatric dentist.

3. Easy to Start Early

Choosing a local kids’ dentist makes it easy to start as you mean to go on.

How early should kids start seeing a dentist? Children should have seen the dentist by the time their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday.

These early visits involve lots of education for parents. Your dentist will talk you through what to expect over the next six months and how to support your child through the teething stage. They’ll also discuss how to help your child develop habits that will support their oral health.

As your children grow up, your family dentist will keep an eagle eye out for dental caries or cavities. At around the age of 4 to 6, your dentist may recommend x-raying primary teeth to see whether any cavities are developing.

4. Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

Pediatric dentists understand that going to the dentist can be overwhelming for children. The benefit of choosing a children’s dentistry practice is that the whole place is set up for kids.

The practice is decorated to help children feel comfortable. The team is well trained to give children a warm welcome and help them feel at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

5. Dental Hygiene Education

As your child grows, the dentist will move from educating you to educating them.

They can teach your kids about how to brush their teeth properly. When the time comes, they’ll introduce them to flossing. They will lay the groundwork for good habits that you can reinforce at home. 

6. Specialist Treatments for Developing Teeth

As kids’ teeth develop, there are a few treatments a pediatric dentist can provide to help them avoid decay. Fluoride treatments are effective for both primary and permanent teeth.

Dental professionals may also recommend applying sealants, especially to the molars (back teeth). These teeth are particularly prone to decay and cavities. Sealants are a special coating painted onto the teeth that creates a barrier.

Your dentist may recommend this at about age 6 and then again when your child’s adult molars come through.

7. Detect Oral Health Issues Early

The best pediatric dental practices allow your child access to a range of dental professionals. That includes an orthodontist. But you may wonder, why would a child need an orthodontist?

Orthodontists treat more than misaligned teeth. Ideally, your child should have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. This can help to diagnose any issues with their bite that can be corrected early.

Having orthodontic treatments early, such as pediatric braces, can help your child’s jaw and mouth to develop properly. These treatments can help to avoid issues such as jaw misalignment and overcrowding as they get older. 

8. Services for Anxious Children

Some children enjoy going to the dentist, but others can find it stressful. A study found that children aged 7-9 are particularly prone to dental anxiety.

Your Colleyville pediatric dentist can offer in-office intravenous sedation. This is ideal if your child needs some extra help to remain calm. It allows your child to get the treatment they need and ensures they don’t miss out because of anxiety.

If more extensive treatment is required, sedation at an outpatient surgery center can also be arranged. Your pediatric dentist’s priority is that your child is comfortable, and can benefit from the treatment they need. 

9. The Right Equipment for Kids

Pediatric dentists use special, smaller instruments to work on children’s mouths. To make your child comfortable the dentist will introduce each piece of equipment in a way that puts your child at ease.

The treatment room is also decorated with kids’ comfort in mind. All of these adaptations transform the experience from one that could be intimidating to one that they’ll enjoy.

10. Set Your Kids Up for Life

One of the best gifts you can give your children is to help them care for their oral health. Your pediatric dentist will train you and your child in good dental care habits. This will set them up for a lifetime of great oral health!

Good oral health is linked to better overall health. You’ll truly give your children a gift that keeps on giving!

Choose the Right Colleyville Pediatric Dentistry Practice for Your Children

Taking your children to your local Colleyville pediatric dentistry practice will set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Pedodontists are trained to settle nerves and diagnose and treat any problems children may encounter. Early orthodontic exams can help to resolve issues early.

At Colleyville Children’s Dentistry, we have thirty years of experience in pediatric dentistry. We want to help every child achieve their best smile. Our friendly team is ready to help your child relax from the moment they enter our office.

Schedule an appointment with us today!

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