Your child’s first teeth will begin to break through the gums at about 6 months of age. By the time they’re 2 or 3, all of their primary teeth will erupt. Your child should see a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months of their first tooth erupting. Not sure if you want to visit a children’s dentist in Colleyville, TX yet? Here are eight reasons to schedule your child’s first appointment!

Understanding the importance of pediatric dental exams can help you help your child. You can set their oral health up for success from a young age.

Read on to discover the reasons to see your local pediatric dentists today!

1. Kid-Friendly Environments

For some children, dental practices are scary. A medical, sterile, and even cold environment could make them feel anxious. They might begin associating those feelings with their oral health.

In fact, your child might start to fight you when it’s time to visit the dentist in the future. They could continue associating dentists with fear into adulthood, too.

Instead of taking them to an environment created with adults in mind, consider visiting a children’s dentist in Colleyville. Pediatric dental practices are designed to feel fun and inviting.

Your child won’t associate cold, medical environments with the dentist or their oral health. Instead, they can begin associating positive emotions with their oral health from a young age.

2. Prioritize Comfort

Visiting pediatric dental practices while your child is still young will help them remain comfortable about future check-ups.

They can play in the waiting room before their first appointment. Remember, children’s dental practices are designed with kids in mind. They can play with toys, games, or other children before dental exams.

Getting to play before an appointment can help your child feel more comfortable. Meanwhile, the office’s fun and cheerful decor can help further put them at ease.

Distracting them with games and toys before their appointment will help prioritize their comfort. In fact, the entire office is designed with your child’s comfort in mind. If they’re comfortable, they’re more likely to remain calm during routine teeth cleanings.

If they have fun during their first few appointments, they might associate feelings of fun and comfort with going to the dentist. Creating that association can make them feel excited about future check-ups. They’ll become less likely to fight you when it’s time for appointments as a result.

If your child is uncomfortable, however, routine teeth cleanings and dental exams can become more difficult. Your child might not receive the attention they need during an appointment.

Avoiding appointments altogether could put their oral health at risk.

3. Experience and Expertise

Visiting the children’s dentist in Colleyville will give you access to experienced pediatric dentists. Their specialized experience and expertise can benefit your child’s oral health.

Dentists who focus on treating adults, on the other hand, might lack the expertise you’re looking for. Without the proper experience, they could unintentionally trigger your child’s anxieties. Remember, they might begin associating feelings of fear and discomfort with their oral health.

Before that can happen, visit pediatric dentists with years of experience in the industry.

A team with experience treating children will know how to put your child at ease. They’ll ensure your child feels comfortable throughout their appointment.

4. Specialized Training

Pediatric dentists and hygienists have specialized training that can benefit your child during appointments.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing a team with the proper credentials and qualifications is treating your child.

General dentists and pediatric dentists begin training on a similar track. Both need to earn a bachelor’s degree first. Then, they’ll go on to earn a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery.

From there, pediatric dentists will need to complete two years of residency to gain the hands-on experience they need. They’ll learn how to work with children, which can benefit your child in the future. Once they complete their residency, pediatric dentists need to pass an exam and earn their license.

You can feel confident choosing a dental team that has training relevant to your child’s needs.

5. Focus on Your Child’s Needs

Pediatric dentists focus on primary teeth. They have a better understanding of what your child needs at this stage of their life.

These professionals also know how to help you help your child. They can show you how to focus on preventative techniques. You can help your child avoid cavities or other oral health issues in the future.

Pediatric dentists can also help you recognize the symptoms you’ll need to track regarding your child’s oral health.

6. Make Oral Health Fun and Interesting

Oral health care doesn’t have to feel scary or stressful. Visiting children’s dentists in Colleyville can help your child realize oral care is fun.

A pediatric dentist with years of experience helping children knows how to make oral care exciting. They can show your child why it’s important to brush and floss.

Understanding the importance of brushing and flossing can help your child prioritize their oral care in the future. They might benefit from hearing from someone else besides their own parents, too.

Then, you can help your child use what they learned at home to keep their teeth healthy between routine teeth cleanings.

7. Ease Dental Anxiety

About 40% of children develop dental fear, which can eventually grow into dental anxiety. While it’s normal, dental anxiety can impact your child’s oral health. Before the fear can set in, visit a children’s dentist in Colleyville.

An experienced dentist will have techniques you can use to ease your child’s anxiety.

8. Set Them Up for Success

What we learn at a young age can set us up for success as adults. Routine teeth cleanings and dental exams can help your child prioritize their oral health. As they grow up, they’ll continue using what they learned.

They’ll also continue visiting dental practices to ensure their teeth receive proper care.

Better Brushing: 8 Reasons to Visit a Children’s Dentist in Colleyville, TX

Set your child up for success into adulthood. Consider these reasons to visit a children’s dentist in Colleyville today. With routine teeth cleaning and dental exams, you can keep your child’s teeth sparkling.

You can help them avoid oral health issues in the future, too.

Ready for your child’s first appointment? We can’t wait to see you.

Contact us today to get started.

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