Your child has crooked teeth. As such, you’re thinking about getting him or her pediatric braces. The only issue is . . . your child is still very young. So, you’re wondering: is it too soon to talk about pediatric braces with a childrens dentist in Colleyville? In truth, it’s never too soon. Here’s what you should know about the subject.

When Do Children Typically Get Pediatric Braces?

Generally speaking, children get pediatric braces between the ages of 8 and 14. This is because these are the ages after which the baby teeth have all fallen out, and the permanent teeth have all grown in.

That said, not every child who gets braces is in this age range. Children can get braces before turning 8 and after turning 15. Every situation is different and dependent on the state of the child’s tooth growth.

Circumstances That Would Prompt Early Orthodontic Treatment

As was noted above, some children are able to get braces before the age of 8. In fact, some are better off doing so. In the end, it’s all about the circumstances that the child is facing.

Some of the circumstances that would prompt early orthodontic treatment include:

Teeth Growing in Early

In rare circumstances, a child’s permanent teeth will erupt earlier than the average child. If this occurs with your child, he or she will be able to start orthodontic treatment earlier than usual.

Note, the younger a child is, the more malleable his or her teeth and gums are. As such, it can actually be beneficial to start orthodontic treatment as soon as possible, as the treatment will likely go faster.

Teeth Growing in a Manner That Could Disturb the Other Teeth

In some cases, a child will have a tooth that’s growing sideways. This can be seen through dental x-rays.

This issue with this is, not only will the tooth in question come in crooked, but it could also push into the other teeth, causing them to become crooked as well. Think of it as a domino effect.

But, by utilizing early orthodontic treatment, it’s possible to redirect the yet-to-erupt tooth, preventing it from making contact with the others. This allows for straighter tooth growth overall, and fewer orthodontic problems down the road.

So, if your child is experiencing the eruption of his or her adult teeth, you’re advised to have him or her assessed by a dentist. The dentist will take x-rays and determine whether early orthodontic treatment is needed.

Jaw Misalignment

Some young children have misaligned jaws. This includes everything from horizontal misalignment to overbites to underbites and everything in between. In all of these cases, the jaw misalignment can result in more substantial orthodontic problems down the line.

As such, in these cases, early orthodontic treatment is usually advised. Adjusting the alignment of the jaws prior to the eruption of the adult teeth will allow for the most favorable growth possible.

Now, this isn’t to say that the problem can’t be fixed down the road. It will just be more difficult and probably more expensive as well. For this reason, you should have your child’s teeth and jaws assessed early and often (as young as 1 year old).

When Should You Speak About Braces With Your Child’s Dentist?

We’ve covered the age at which children typically get braces. We’ve talked about circumstances that could prompt the need for early orthodontic treatment. So, now, you’re probably wondering: when should you speak about braces with your child’s pediatric dentist in Colleyville?

The answer: as soon as you suspect that something might be awry. So, if you notice that your child has a crooked tooth or buck teeth or a protruding jaw or some other tooth alignment issue, you should talk about it with your child’s Colleyville pediatric dentist.

Even if your child is still too young for treatment, he or she can still benefit from seeing an orthodontist. The orthodontist can assess the current state of your child’s teeth and create a plan of action to counteract problems in the future.

So, in truth, no time is too early for your child to see an orthodontist. No, they might not get braces right away. But they’ll be on their orthodontist’s radar and will be all set up to receive treatment when the time comes.

The Benefits of Getting Braces Early

While your child doesn’t necessarily have to get braces early, there are some benefits in him or her doing so. As such, early treatment might be something you’re interested in.

First and foremost, early treatment generally allows for the quickest results. This is because the teeth and jaws are still extremely malleable, and can be easily manipulated.

In addition, getting braces early enables your child to get the process out of the way. This has the potential to keep your child from having braces during their adolescence, which is a source of embarrassment for more than a few kids out there.

Finally, early treatment has the potential to save you money. This is because, by correcting problems early in their existence, you can prevent other problems from arising. This results in less treatment overall, and therefore less spending as well.

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