One in every five children has an untreated tooth decay problem.

The pediatric dentists handle the common dental problems that children face. From the gums to the tongue to the teeth, children dentists in Colleyville are well-versed with the common issues which affect the oral health of the children.

If a child shows signs of any dental problems, do not hesitate to visit the nearest pediatric dentist in Colleyville. The oral expert will carefully examine the child’s mouth and recommend the ideal solution.

The professional might also offer helpful tips to prevent the same oral issues from reoccurring.

Signs That You Should Take Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

Children require specialized attention whenever they have oral problems. Like adults, they also have mouth issues that might become extensive with age and cause severe problems. Here are the common signs that a child should visit a pediatric dentist in Colleyville.

Persistent Pain

Some children experience a sharp sensation and pain when eating. The pain could be more acute and persistent when eating too hot and cold food and drinks.

The sharp pains are caused by teeth sensitivity, although there could be an underlying issue. Consult an experienced dentist in Colleyville immediately the child complains of severe pains.

Loose Teeth

A child’s teeth should never be loose. They should be firm all through unless there’s an underlying health issue.

In many cases, the teeth become loose painlessly. The child may never complain of any pain, but the teeth may become loose and fall off. This is a very dangerous sign, which implies tooth decay.

A great Colleyville pediatric dentist will find out the root cause and treat the underlying problem.


Children’s teeth lose their natural white color due to many reasons. The discoloration can come from the food and drinks they take, or from medications they once took.

Too much discoloration may destroy the enamel, and may eventually affect the inner parts of the tooth. Take the child for examination to prevent the issues from becoming extensive.


Mouth bleeding is not normal, even for adults. For children, bleeding may show inflammation or gum disease. If the gums bleed even when the child is not hurt, seek the help of an experienced pediatric dentist.

The bleeding may be a result of an abscess, which is a severe gum infection.

Bad breath

A persistent lousy breath represents a significant dental problem in kids. If a child brushes regularly, bad breath should not exist.

Maybe, the child has more significant dental issues resulting in the bad odor. In that case, the child should have an appointment with a doctor.

Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist Colleyville

Why should a child see a pediatric dentist and not a regular dentist? Parents who consult experienced pediatrics enjoy many benefits. Here are some of the compelling reasons why children should be taken to a pediatric dentist.

The Pediatric Dentists Are Specially Trained

Pediatric dentists in Colleyville are trained to handle the growing gums for the children. They know the common problem affecting children’s teeth, gums, and mouth; thus, they can offer the right treatments.

They Provide Customized Services

Every child has unique dental needs. Some of the needs are hereditary, while others arise from underlying health issues. As a result, the dentist cannot treat all the children in the same way.

Experienced pediatrics dentists in Colleyville offer customized services to the children. Before they initiate the medication, they go through the child’s health history and carry out other tests to determine the right prescription.

The customized dental services guarantee the best results for the child.

They Have the Right Equipment

The children’s dentist uses children friendly tools for their dental procedures. The tools shorten the time they spend on the examination, x-rays, tooth removal, etc. A regular dentist may not have these tools, and that is why children should see to a pediatric dentist.

They Have a Child-Friendly Environment

A children’s dentistry hospital is more of a playground more than an office. Mostly, the rooms are decorated with toys, murals, and other baby-friendly things. These things make the child feel at home and more relaxed.

This means that the child will not find it hard to revisit the dentist.

They Offer Helpful Advice

The teeth experts teach both parents and children on how to take care of their teeth. That’s why they advise children to observe regular visits twice a year, even when they do not have signs of dental problems.

The advice that the professionals offer may include how to brush the kids’ teeth, identify the main teeth problems, prevent tooth decay, and so on.

They Allow Regular Checkups

Children require close dental monitoring. Since the teeth are still on the formative stage, they should be closely monitored to ensure that they grow well. During the visit, the dentist checks if the teeth are aligned well, and if they do not have any abnormalities.

These visits are usually scheduled, which means that a child won’t miss any recommended visit to the dentist. Regular checkups will prevent any future problems and ensure that your child’s dental health is excellent.

Consult the Best Pediatric Dentist in Colleyville

Children’s teeth are quite sensitive. They require careful examinations and procedures to ensure that they grow healthy. Therefore, it’s important to consult the most experienced pediatric dentist in Colleyville to get the best service.

Colleyville children’s dentistry offers dental services to infants, toddlers, and teenagers. Our dentistry offices provide a child-friendly environment to welcome the children and make them feel at home. We have been in the market for nearly two decades; thus, we understand the main issues facing our children.

Read our blogs to learn more about children’s dental health. Contact us too to speak to our dedicated staff and schedule an appointment.

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